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the beginning

At the age of 5, my Grandmother, Evelyn Mayfield called me into her kitchen. She instructed me to stand in a chair and wash the dishes. After washing the dishes, she sat me down on lap and taught me how to make homemade biscuits. I may not have known it then but now  I am so thankful because she was molding me to carry on her legacy. 

My Grandmother and I would feed the community. If you were hungry or needed a place to stay, our doors were always opened. She always put so much love into her cooking and you could taste in in EVERY BITE.  I guess you can say I was truly destined for this journey from the start. Watching her cater and feed others, It was only right that I name my business after my loving Grandmother, Evelyn

Thank you Ma for inspiring me to be the awesome wife, mother, cook and business owner. I love you always! 

In Loving Memory of 

evelyn mayfield 

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